:: ABOUT ME ::


I am a full-time working mom whose obsession for scrapbooking is a creative release in an otherwise 'rational' life. I work as an Enrollment Counselor for a Midwestern private college and I enjoy my work in helping students to begin an educational journey that will allow them to achieve their goals.

My husband, Justin, and I have one daughter, Kaitlin (born in 2002). It was she that inadvertantly began this hobby of mine before she was even born. It began with the search for the 'perfect' baby book. When I couldn't find one, I thought I'd just make one myself. Well, I made Kaitlin's baby book and I never stopped.

I have had about two dozen projects published in magazines such as Memory Makers, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks etc., Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook Trends, Simply Handmade and Scrapbook & Cards Today (a Canadian magazine).

I decided to become a MemoryWorks consultant as another way to help support this wonderful hobby of mine as well as share my passion for scrapbooking with others.