Virtual Party Order Program (VPOP)

Upcoming Order Due Dates:
July 10, 2010
September 10, 2010
November 10, 2010

For more details on VPOP, please contact me.

Ordering with a party saves you $$ on shipping & handling. If you are not invited to one of the above parties, but would still like to place an order to take advantage of reduced shipping, please contact me for details and eligibility.


VPOP Details:

1) No minimum purchase required by an individual orderer.

2) Shipping costs will be split among all orderers and calculated by a percentage of the individual order total over the party order total.

3) If the total sum of the orders reaches $150, a random drawing will be held to determine a 'Mystery Hostess.' Only the names of those ordering will be placed in the drawing and the winner will be able to order additional products FREE of charge at a level determined by the total sum of the order.

4) The order will be placed as soon as all payments are received.

5) Individuals orders will be due by the 10th of every odd-numbered month to allow time to ensure product availability*, calculate total sum of the order, contact 'Mystery Hostess' winner if applicable and arrange/receive payments before order submission. Orders should be emailed to amatterofmemories@yahoo.com including the following information for each item:

Item #          Item Name          Quantity          Price

6) Once orders have been received, totals will be calculated and orderers contacted. Payment can be made by check via check by mail or secure online payment via credit card using PayPal (an account is not necessary to pay via PayPal).

7) As with all party orders, the order will be delivered to me for sorting and disbursement. I will hand-deliver all orders from those in or within 5 miles of Yankton. However, if you live outside that area, but are able to pick up your order or make other arrangements for delivery, you are more than welcome to participate in VPOP.

(*Keep in mind that it may be possible for an item to go out of stock between the time that you email your order and the time that the complete order is placed. If this occurs, a full refund for that item will be issued.)